On-Grid Hybrid Systems

On-grid hybrid systems are grid connected solar power systems, with a storage capacity such as batteries. At the moment, Toowoomba Solar Centre has 2 main products that we are offering to customers all across the Darling Downs region: the Tesla Powerwall and the 360Storage SolaX City Solution.

Tesla Powerwall Systems

Tesla 36 months

As an authorised Tesla re-seller, we have now added the Tesla Powerwall to our product offering. The Tesla Powerwall is a Lithium Ion battery bank in a sleek, wall-mounted design. The Powerwall is connected to the grid and can help you to better utilise a solar power system, in situations where your consumption is predominantly outside of daylight hours. The Powerwall stores unused solar power during the day, allowing you to use the power you generate when the sun isn’t shining.

View the Tesla Powerwall brochure for more information, or give us a call or send an online enquiry to book in a consultation.

I already have a Solar Power system, can I add a Powerwall?

Yes you can. The technology is not available currently to retrofit the storage system to existing inverters and as such it would require the replacement of your existing inverter as well as the addition of the Powerwall and the necessary components to accompany the Powerwall. You may also need an upgrade to the size of your existing array, as the solar power system needs to be able to produce enough energy so that you can both use the power during the day, and store the power for night time use.  It’s definitely possible though, so if you want a quote, give us a call!

Unfortunately at the moment, if you are one of those lucky enough to be on the Solar Bonus Scheme and receiving 44c for your existing solar power system, installing any battery storage system will cause you to forfeit your generous feed in tariff and as such is not recommended at this stage.

I don’t currently have solar power, how much will it cost?

We happily provide quotations for Tesla Powerwall systems on a case by case basis. Contact us for a no obligation, free site assessment and quote. 

360 Storage

Toowoomba solar centre is also an accredited dealer of 360Storage Energy Storage Systems. The 360Storage City Solution is a versatile hybrid product providing battery back-up for on grid solar power systems, allowing it’s users to store unused energy during the day and use it at night, while still remaining grid-connected. These systems have lithium ion battery back up, expandable in 2kWh modules. Storing energy allows users to avoid peak rates where peak electricity rates apply, or for those simply not home during the day to use their solar power, the 360 storage solution is a great way to reduce electricity consumption costs by harvesting freely available solar energy and storing it for night time use.

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