5 Year Service Request

Solar Hot Water – 5 Year Service Request

**If you require an urgent service (eg. currently no hot water), please call the Toowoomba Solar Centre on (07)4632-1974.

Note: payment will be due on the day of the service by cash, cheque, direct deposit or EFTPOS (including credit card). For current service costs, please contact us.

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What’s involved in a 5 Year Service?

  • Replace Sacrificial Anode (if necessary) (Streamline & Heat Pump can only be done if there is sufficient space above tank to remove anode)
  • Replace Hot Water Temperature & Pressure Relief Valve (HT55) (if necessary)
  • Check the operation of the Element & Thermostat (replacement parts, if required, are NOT included in standard service fee and would be charged accordingly)
  • Clean the glass on the solar panels
  • Inspect all connections on the system
  • Check level of Heat Transfer Fluid (J, K and DJV closed circuit Streamlines series only)
  • Check operation of H50 cold expansion valve (replacement valve, if required, is NOT included in standard service fee and would be charged accordingly)

Travel will be charged at $2.00/km one way for services outside the Toowoomba City Boundar

Standard 5 year services are fitted in and around our installation work load and may take up to 4 weeks to complete. If you are having a non-urgent issue with your system, please note the issue in the final section of the form, so we know what additional parts may be required.