How we began

Toowoomba Solar Centre has been a local solar dealership since the 1970s. We (the Davisons and the Roddas) have owned and operated the centre since 2009. Our association began back in 1979 when the Rodda family moved from South Australia to a cattle farm in Central Qld, and Prue Davison became Daniel Rodda’s Primary School teacher aide.

Although both our families sold our farms and left the agricultural industry at different times, we had the same reasons for choosing Toowoomba as the place to bring up our families:

  • Education
  • Health Care
  • Climate
  • A great place to bring up a family

The choice to enter the renewable energy sector was a multi faceted decision, driven by our love of a challenge, our experience in the rural industry concerning the need for sustainability and finding the right business which already had great associations, like Solahart, but still had room to grow and develop in many other areas.

Our decision to move into other products and service other than solar was driven by our need to find alternative solutions to reduce our own energy bills… and then our friends energy bills… and now our customer’s energy bills.

Where we are now

Our network extends from Toowoomba to regional Queensland as well as research and development all over the world. We test every product to ensure that it delivers what is promised. We have great customers and we strive to keep them happy every step of the way.

This year we want to deliver some great products and services to homes, businesses and rural and regional customers. Its time we all spent less money on the essentials and a little more on play.