Commercial Solar Power


Servicing Toowoomba, the Darling Downs, South West, Central West & Far North Queensland and beyond, Toowoomba Solar Centre is here to help your business realise a commercial solar solution.

Whether you’re connected to the grid, looking for back-up battery storage, or not connected to the grid at all, Toowoomba Solar Centre will design, supply and install a solar power system to suit your energy needs.

Why should businesses ‘Go Solar’?business load profile

– Business Load profiles often match solar power production
– Reduce operating & outgoing costs
– Free up operating capital
– Great ROIs, with untaxable returns
– Tax benefits
– Hedge against rising energy costs
– Improve the asset value of your commercial property, or take the system with you when you move
– Create a more sustainable business

Who’s a good candidate?

– Large & small businesses
– Day time or Day and Night operation
– High energy bills
– Building owners OR tenants (like other assets & business equipment, you can take your system with you when you move)

Looking for a quote?

Look no further! Toowoomba Solar Centre are your commercial solar power experts.

– Over 30 years experience in the solar industry: we’re not going anywhere which means we’ll be around to help if something goes wrong. Not only that, but we guarantee our workmanship, on top of all the product warranties & performance guarantees we offer, so you know our work can be trusted.
– Unrivalled commitment to quality: we know that if we compromise on product or installation quality, we’ll lose out on return visits, fixing problems. That’s why we only install the best quality, while maintaining a competitive price.
– We can install any size system, and find solutions around any complicated site

So why not give us a call and we’ll get the ball rolling with a no-obligation free site inspection & quote.

Call (07)4632-1974 or request a quote here.

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