Congrats to Oz racing team breaking a 26 year record!

A solar car racing team from Australia has broken a 26-year-old electric car world record that has stood since 1988.

Sunswift, a solar car racing team from the University of New South Wales, broke the record, which was overseen by the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), who measures the average speed of an electric vehicle over a 500-kilometre distance on a single charge.

The Sunswift eVe broke the long-standing electric car speed record and now they are planning to make the car street-legal, CNet reported.

The record-breaking vehicle is Sunswift’s fifth car; the Sunswift eVe and the vehicle previously ran in the 2013 World Solar Challenge, a 3,000-kilometre solar car race in Australia that runs from Darwin to Adelaide.

The car has a top speed of 140kph with an electric-only range of approximately 500 kilometre, or up to 800 kilometer when its solar cells are also active, all while using about as much power as a kitchen toaster when travelling at freeway speeds.

The solar system was turned off to adhere to the electric car specific record attempt.

The Sunswift team tweeted their success on late Wednesday afternoon from the track in Victoria, Australia as they smashed the existing record of 73 kilometres per hour, achieving a final new record of over 100kph with a final official result awaiting confirmation with the FIA.

The Sunswift team is now working on modifying the car to make it street legal and expects to be able to drive it on public roads in 2015, the report added.