DayRay Skylights

“The smart and creative solution to environmentally sustainable lighting”

The Skydome DayRay is a solar powered skylight designed to bring daylight into your home in a creative and environmentally sustainable way.

The DayRay harvests daylight by using solar energy converted by a solar panel on the roof to drive a daylight simulator LED array on the ceiling. This new technology immediately enhances the overall feeling of any dark space and the spatial appeal of a well-lit room just makes life a lot brighter.

And the good news is: Daylighting is now as flexible as you want it to be!


The DayRay comprises two parts:

  1. Super efficient German designed solar panel

    Highly efficient, compact panel, minimises visual impact on the roof, while maximising performance and output of the internal fitting. The panel is engineered to still perform adequately, even in low light or overcast conditions.

  2. State of the art LED VividDay luminaire

    This compact, modern recessed light fitting has a multi layered array technology with daylight 5000K colour temperature and CRI>80, delivering a whopping >2,300 lumens. The LEDs are balanced spectrum and super long life LEDs, tested to 36,000 hours.


The benefits of well lit homes are well-documented – they are happier and healthier places to live. Aside from the obvious advantage of saving energy, as well as the environment, the DayRay also has benefits of:

– Free running cost
– Easy to install, Plug & Play
– Can be fitted to all roofs
– Round or square designs
– The ability to light the inner areas not suitable to conventional skylights or tubes
– No heat loss/gain thereby reducing heating/cooling loads for the building
– No need for structural alterations
– Two compact VividDay fittings can run from one Skypanel
– Fixed even light distribution
– Cost effective
– Safe low voltage system
– Provides a connection with the outside environment & mimics skylighting by fluctuating as clouds roll by
– No UV or Infrared radiation

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