Products & Services

Solar Power

With over 30 years in the industry we can tailor solar power solutions to your home, office, community organisation or commercial project.

Air Conditioning

The right solution for your heating and cooling will make all the difference to your ongoing energy bills – we can make your life easier through advice, as well as quick and expert supply and installation.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficient solutions throughout your home/office can save you heaps of money on your power bills. Our experts will do a walk through and provide recommendations and solutions to reduce your bills.


We have plumbers on site around the clock who are ready to make sure your needs are met as quickly and cost effectively as possible.


Fast response times, expert advice and professional electrical work from specialist personnel mean that you get what you want – when you want it.

Pool Heating

To heat your pool in a cost-effective, energy-efficient manner, whether it is for a domestic or commercial application, you cannot go past solar heating.

Solar Hot Water Systems

Save energy, money and the environment. With Australia’s abundant sunshine it makes great sense to get your hot water free from the sun.

LED Lights

LED lights last more than six times longer than regular compact fluorescents (CFLs) and up to 30 times longer than incandescent globes.


An energy assessment can help to identify where you can make the biggest energy and water savings, reduce your impact on the environment and save money.


Compared to paying cash a finance facility that gives you more control and flexibility over the acquisition of essential business equipment.


EnviroTemp is a new revolutionary technology for domestic and commercial air conditioning systems, refrigeration units and cold rooms.