Air Conditioning

Heating and cooling your home or office

The right solution for your heating and cooling will make all the difference to your ongoing energy bills – from brand selection to size and types of units – Toowoomba Solar Centre can make your life easier through advice, as well as quick and expert supply & installation. This will give you peace of mind and allow you to enjoy your heating and cooling without the high energy bills.

Choose from a range of price competitive air conditioners for your needs and arrange an install at the same time.

Air conditioning Units

Over a very short time, air conditioners become less efficient and therefore more expensive to run in your home and office. A regular clean every 12months will ensure that you have clean and hygienic air circulating in your home or office and also working more efficiently.

If you are using your air conditioning unit every day you might need some additional Air Conditioning diagnostics to ensure that you are not paying through the teeth for your comfort.

The Toowoomba Solar Centre uses EnviroTemp to gain up to 15% in energy usage through your air conditioner and also gets it working more efficiency so you needed run it so much.

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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries