Audits for Home

A home sustainability assessment can help to identify where you can make the biggest energy and water savings in your home, reduce your impact on the environment and save money.

solar center audit

The assessment will involve an inspection of major energy and water systems, heating and cooling, lighting, refrigeration, cooking and entertainment systems. Your Toowoomba Solar Centre assessor will also examine water efficiency (indoors and outdoors). This information is entered into an assessment tool to calculate your environmental impact and provide suggestions for improvement. Your assessor may look at your previous energy bills.

Home assessments usually only take an hour or two depending on how much information you can supply, the size of your property and the number of energy and water systems you have.

Small change can make a big difference!

Audits for Business

One of the surest ways to increase your profit margin is to reduce your ongoing costs. With rapid increases in energy prices, Solar Centre has the expertise and ability to implement energy solutions to save you money within your business operations.

The Toowoomba Solar Centre will assess, recommend and implement for you. Contact us today and start increasing your profits. **Grants and subsidies may be applicable for your business, association or organisation.**

Small change can make a big difference!