EnviroTemp is a new revolutionary technology for domestic and commercial air conditioning systems, refrigeration units and cold rooms.

The Environment

One of the largest contributors to CO2 emissions is the actual consumption of energy. The more we need the more we need produced. One of our greatest solutions is to simply reduce the amount of energy we rely on. So what can we do?

We can replace our light bulbs, switch off lights when not in use, we can even switch off our TV’s and other appliances from the power points. This is all great and doing this collectively will have a great effect on our environmental footprint. But we want to do more, don’t we? So how can we?

One of the biggest slices in the energy consumption pie which in many cases can account for more than half a slice and more than half the black balloons we send up each day, 50% or more of our total consumption is refrigerated air conditioning systems, just like the ones in most of our homes, workplaces, shopping malls.

Okay, so in an effort to make our black carbon filled pie smaller we decide to cut a thinner slice for our refrigerated air condition systems and take the simplest approach by deciding to sacrifice our comfort by setting the temperatures warmer in the summer and colder in the winter, sure the trade off will be lower energy consumption (a smaller slice) which in percentages will be a portion of our largest area of consumption, but we are now less comfortable. What’s the cost of that?

Our productivity could go down; we may become less enthused about going to work, we find it difficult to sleep some nights we become more agro because our homes and work places are no longer comfortable like they were once before and so on goes the effects of sacrificing our comfort.

It does not have to be this way! EnviroTemp

EnviroTemp will help the Environment by reducing the overall size of the pie and allow you to maintain comfortable Temp-eratures by improving the efficiency of your refrigerated air conditioning and reverse cycle units so they use less energy making your air conditionings slice of the pie smaller.

By improving your unit’s efficiency it will cool you better in the summer and warm you better in the winter; you’ll be happier knowing that you’re significantly reducing your environmental footprint and taking a smaller slice of the black carbon filled pie!

EnviroTemp is your energy saving solution!

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning, Chillers, and Refrigeration in homes, offices, cars, transport and industry.



By using less energy you are helping to improve the environment.


A more efficient system means you can reduce expensive kWh’s while enjoying greater comfort and all at the same time.


A small quantity of EnviroTemp oil is injected into your system and will begin to produce results within minutes.


Improve your comfort without having to change your desired temperature settings or for running your system longer.


Your EnviroTemp technician will show you the benefits within minutes of application.


A single EnviroTemp treatment will last for the life of your system.

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