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5 good reasons to finance with The Leasing Centre

Every business needs equipment and technology for day-to-day operations. The value of these depreciating assets comes from using them, not owning them. Compared to paying cash, a finance facility gives you more control and flexibility over the acquisition of essential business equipment more control and flexibility over the acquisition of essential business equipment.

  1. Cashflow Friendly Payments

    Our finance solutions help you better manage your cashflow. With regular fixed payments, it’s easier to predict cashflow. Business capital is protected because you can acquire your equipment without large cash outlays.

  1. Avoid Technology Obsolescence

    Keeping business equipment up-to-date with rapid advances in technology can rapidly drain capital. The right facility can give you the flexibility to upgrade equipment at any time, often without increasing monthly payments.

  1. Maximise Tax and Budget Effectiveness

    Rental and Operating Leases are tax and budget friendly methods of acquiring business equipment. Payments are treated as an Operating Expense (not a capital outlay) and hence, capital budgets are unaffected. Monthly payments may be 100% tax deductible, and you don’t need to worry about asset depreciation. It’s a highly cost – effective way to pay.

  1. Tailor Made Finance

    Flexible financing is our greatest strength. No two businesses have the same need. We tailor each finance solution to meet your cashflow, timing and capital budget requirements, with the payment you prefer.

  1. First Class Service

    You’ll find The Leasing Centre a refreshing alternative to banks and traditional finance companies. To us, you are a valued partner, not just an account number.

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