Solar Hot Water


Save energy, money and the enviroment


More Australians have chosen Solahart than any other solar hot water systems due to their proven performance and longevity in the harsh Australian conditions. Built by Australians, for Australians, Solahart is the low risk choice in solar hot water heating. Solahart has become a household name, producing over a million solar hot water systems Australia wide over more than 60 years. As the local Solahart dealership for the Darling Downs, we are committed to providing our customers with quality products, quality service and quality installations.

Solar Hot Water Installation

Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

Solar hot water systems use the sun’s natural energy to heat water. There are three main types of water heater, each using different technologies to harvest the sun’s energy:

From roof mounted systems to heat pumps, which don’t use collector panels to extract the energy from the sun, these technologies are state of the art and all are designed to provide luxurious hot water with minimum energy use and impact on the environment. Follow the links above to find out how each system works.

What are the environmental benefits?

Reduce your carbon footprint. We all know that energy consumption has a huge and serious effect on the environment. The energy we use every day emits harmful greenhouse gases which contribute to climate change.

Water heating is one of the biggest contributors to household greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for around 25% of the average homes carbon footprint.

With a solar hot water heater which uses the sun’s natural energy you could save up to 50-90%* of your water heating energy consumption, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2 – 3.6 tonnes every year, which is the equivalent of taking a 4 cylinder car off the road.

With hot water free from the sun, you’ll reduce your impact on climate change and make a positive step for future generations.

*Savings based on Government approved TRNSYS modelling.

How does it save money?

Solar water heaters use up to 50-90%* less energy than conventional water heaters.

Using less energy means you can make big savings on your hot water energy use. So even though you’ll be using the same amount of water that you used with a conventional water heater, a Solahart hot water heater uses much less energy to heat the water. Check how much you could save.

Thanks to the available hot water government incentives, having a solar hot water system installed can be more affordable than you think.

*Savings based on Government approved TRNSYS modelling

What if the sun isn't shinning?

All our solar water heaters are fitted with a gas or electric booster. The booster supplements the energy from the sun and only operates when you need it. You can choose a gas or electric in-tank booster or a gas in-line booster is also available.

The hot water from your tank is piped to the in-line booster which senses the temperature and activates if it is less than the set temperature. The in-line booster has a 5 star energy rating, keeping your energy consumption as low as possible.

That means you can enjoy hot water when you want it, even on overcast days or at night.