Solar Rebates and Incentives

Federal government incentives are still available for Solar Power and Solar Hot Water. The Renewable Energy Target (RET) provides two national incentives for small and large scale renewable energy.

Smallscale Technology Certificates (STCs) are available for Small scale Solar Power Systems (<100kW), Small scale wind, small scale hydro and Solar Hot Water Systems.  Largescale Generation Certificates (LGCs) are also available for large scale renewable energy systems, including solar power systems over 100kW, as well as wind power, solar thermal, biofuels and a number of other renewable energy sources.

Both STCs and LGCs are a tradeable commodity and the value of the certificates therefore changes depending on the market. Toowoomba solar centre offers a set STC price for eligible energy systems which is set on the day we quote. We offer the STCs as a point of sale discount, making the system cheaper because the incentives are already incorporated into our quote price. Because the STC price fluctuates we only guarantee the price we quote for 30 days from the day of quotation. In order for us to provide the discount, our customers will need to assign the right of creating the STCs for their systems over to us or our chosen STC creator. This is done via the STC assignment form which is signed by the owner of the system.

LGCs are claimed annually for large solar power systems. These LGCs are not included in the quoted price of the system but may be included in calculations of estimated savings. Toowoomba Solar Centre is accredited to create LGCs for our large scale installations, providing the installation is accredited by the Clean Energy Regulator.

For more information on the Renewable Energy Target, STCs, LGCs and how they work, visit the clean energy regulators website.