Split Systems

Streamline/Split Systems 

Streamline, or split systems are solar hot water systems where the water heating panels are mounted on the roof, and the tank is mounted beside the house on the ground. These systems allow for solar hot water to be used where the roof structure is insufficient to hold the weight of the solar hot water tank, or where the available roof space is not sufficient for both the panels and the tank to be mounted. They are also preferred by some for their aesthetic qualities.

As a Solahart Dealer, Toowoomba Solar Centre supply and install the following Solahart Split Systems:

Both systems have a 270 litre tank, with a choice of either 2 or 3 KF series or J series panels and are suitable for frost-prone areas and harsh water conditions. We can also supply and install Solahart Open Circuit Electric boosted streamline sytems (MDV series) in areas that don’t have harsh water and don’t require frost protection.

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