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Major Service

A major service should be carried out on your hot water system every time your anode is replaced, or at least every 5 years. The major service should be carried out only by a qualified person. If your system hasn’t been serviced in the last 5 years, contact us to book in a service.

A major service involves:

  • Checking the system’s Hartgard levels (for closed circuit systems), or draining and flushing the collectors (open circuit systems)
  • Checking and replacing if necessary the pressure/temperature relief valve
  • Flushing the cold water relief valve
  • Visually checking the unit for any problems such as calcium build up, corrosion, faulty connections or sediment build up
  • replacing the sacrificial anode

Note, that if your water has a high concentration of dissolved solids (greater than 600 ppm, such as bore water), then it is recommended your anode is replaced every 2-3 years, and not every 5 years. It is very important that the anode is replaced as recommended since the anode is one of the main defenses the solar hot water system uses to protect the water heater’s tank from corroding. The anode installed in your water heater will slowly dissipate, sacrificing itself to extend the lifetime of the tank.

Minor Maintenance

It is recommended that minor maintenance is carried out on your Solahart hot water system every 6 months, by the dwelling occupant. Minor maintenance for Thermosiphon Systems involves:

  1. If accessible, operate the easing leaver on the temperature relief valve. It is important that you raise and lower the leaver gently. If water does not flow freely from the drain line when the lever is lifted, then the water heater should be checked by your nearest Solahart Dealer.
  2. If an expansion control valve is fitted, operate the easing leaver on the expansion control valve by raising and lower the lever gently. Again, water should flow freely from the drain line when the lever is lifted. If it doesn’t, then the water heater should be checked by a Solahart Dealer.

See your Solahart owner’s manual for more information on how to complete the 6 monthly maintenance.

General Collector Care 

Ensure the glass on your solar collectors is free of dust, salt spray or any other matter which may reduce the effectiveness of the solar collectors. Rainfall should keep the collector adequately clean. It is recommended that the collector glass be washed clean at least every three months should adequate rain not have fallen in this period. Collector glass can be hosed down or if the solar collectors are accessible, wash the collector glass with water and a soft brush when the solar collectors are cool, such as early in the morning. In extremely dusty areas, such as mining towns and locations adjacent to dust forming plants, extra attention should be given to this matter.

Keep any trees which may shade the collector trimmed.

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